Throughout time, men have given their wives an infinite amount of crap about never being wrong.

You know who else is never, ever wrong? Toddlers. Jamie in his young three years of age, is building up quite the streak.

Last year I wrote a post about “Again!!” being the most dangerous phrase in the toddler’s vocabulary.

Well, if that is the case, then “I was just…” is the most annoying phrase. It has to stop. It’s right up there with “Watch this” for frequency, and it’s engineered to keep a toddler from saying “Yes, daddy,” or “Yes, mommy.”

Jamie is a running ball of energy. He probably wouldn’t stick right at my side at the zoo either, but that’s a subject for another blog post. We have to constantly tell him to “Come back here,” or “Don’t do that.” There are times when I feel like these phrases are the only words to ever come out of my mouth. It can be a little trying to say the least.

Here’s a little more context on usage.

Any time his mother or I ask him to refrain from what he’s doing, “I was just…” is the response, and most of the time he was just doing specifically what we asked him not to do. As in “I was just…playing over there.” Or “I was just climbing this piece of furniture.” Or “I was just sticking my fork up my nose.”

While Jamie’s vocabulary is expanding, I feel like mine might be shrinking…down to the few commands I speak in. It’s good to have a child so confident in his actions. It’s good that he is comfortable in his own skin. It’s good to know a human is so perfectly capable of always being right, in all their actions.

I was just…wondering at what age it might stop? Four? Five? 21? Until then, all I’m left to do is step back and admire such perfection, in its tiny, 3-foot glory.

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