Things My Toddler Wants When It’s Way Past His Bed Time – An Infographic


I’ll be the first to admit how lucky we’ve been with sleep when it comes to Jamie. He slept through the night for so long. But with potty training we told him to tell us when he has to go the bathroom at night.

And with that came a realization that he runs the show. He’s slipped in and out of patterns, refusing naps and resisting bedtimes some nights. One night he told us “I just want to look at daddy.” Not even mommy says that, so I immediately called B.S. and sent him back to bed. OK, so I gushed a little bit, smiling on the inside, and then sent him back to bed.

Since┬áhe only said it once, it wasn’t prevalent enough to include.

Here is a helpful pie chart with some of the more frequent requests (by percentage):

toddler demands