Acceptable Reasons for Throwing a Temper Tantrum

The other day I’m driving through a parking lot at my local grocery store. I backed out and made my way down the aisle. A car came barreling toward me not really paying attention to who’s side of the aisle was who’s. Instead, he utilized the middle.

I veered to the side and stopped. It was the only way to avoid an accident. For some (note: most mature people) it probably would have ended there. But alas, that’s not me. I honked and I raised my hands in frustration. I yelled something as if the other driver could hear me between two sets of raised glass. He returned the favor. I refrained from giving a one finger salute (yay for personal growth!).

If Jamie were in the car, I would have made some note about a silly driver. He was not with me. As we get older maybe adults aren’t as good at avoiding temper tantrums as we want to believe. Our triggers simply change.


Acceptable Reasons for Throwing a Temper Tantrum, According to a Toddler

  • “I don’t want a nap!”
  • We have to go to the store.
  • We have to leave the store.
  • My pizza was cut up instead of a whole piece.
  • My pizza was whole instead of cut up.
  • I spilled my milk.
  • Daddy told me no.
  • Daddy didn’t tell me no. But he didn’t directly answer my question, either.
  • I didn’t get a cookie.
  • I wanted juice. I got water.
  • I wanted water. I got juice.
  • Daddy looked at me funny.
  • It’s time to brush my teeth.
  • It’s time to stop doing whatever I was doing.
  • I hit my head. I didn’t get hurt. But coincidentally I also have a captive audience.
  • I’m feeling sadistic.
  • really really REALLY want to get my way.

Acceptable (but not really) Reasons for Throwing a Temper Tantrum, According to an Adult

  • Someone cut me off while driving.
  • The lady checking out in front of me in the “10 items or less” lane has 11 items. I know because I counted.
  • The lady checking out in front of me in the “10 items or less” lane has less than 10 items, but is on her cell phone.
  • The kids sitting in front of us at the movies are talking.
  • The people who walked into the restaurant after us were seated before us.
  • My meat was cooked wrong.
  • My coworker took credit for what I did.
  • I’m going to miss my favorite show.
  • The Cubs lost. (Literally half of Chicagoland could walk around in a funk for this very reason at any given time.)
  • The person next to you hasn’t a square to spare.

The reasons change. The reasons become more unique to the individual. But the manifestations can look the same. It’s good to know we keep on being right.

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