To Be a Kid Again

We recently returned from a quick roadtrip across the Mississippi to see family.

I’ve been making this trip in various forms my whole life. So when I looked into the back seat to see Jamie (who skipped naptime at his daycare to make the trip) with his head cocked to the side and passed out, it felt like a full circle on this trip occurred.

In other words, I’ve probably been making this trip since I was the one passed out in the car seat. I could have easily acknowledged this thought by passing out in the passenger seat myself.

But instead it got me thinking about one of the coolest parts of being a parent – the free pass on acting like a kid again.

  • I love watching shows like Bugs Bunny and Inspector Gadget as an adult. These shows take me back to my own childhood. Hearing Jamie repeat “What’s up Doc?” or “I’m hunting wabbit” makes me laugh uncontrollably.
  • We have a toy basketball hoop in our front room. I’ve written about it before. Sinking free throws is a great way to take a break from work.
  • Sometimes I’ll climb around with him or show him how to use a piece of playground equipment. I’m not nearly as limber as I once was, but I can definitely see the attraction for a 3-year-old.
  • I’ve always found science and DIY projects interesting, but admittedly let both fade into the background of adulthood. We have multiple books and websites we utilize for ideas, and the natural look of wonder on Jamie’s face makes it all worthwhile.
  • We have a t-ball set in the backyard. It’s been great for stimulating Jamie’s interest in baseball (Go Cubs!), and for similar reasons as the basketball hoop, fun for me to play with as well. It is admittedly harder to field when we get our sunglasses mixed up, as in the picture.
  • We’ve brought Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein and other classic authors back into the rotation. I love revisiting some of these favorites from when I was a kid.

Joining a 3-year-old in their world can be surprisingly fun and liberating. It is a welcome retreat from bills, schedules, and reading about election cycles. It is definitely something I can use more of – to be a kid again.


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