Happy Thanksgiving Probably From Now Until Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving Probably From Now Until Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving a day early, from a 2-year-old who says he wants turkey and carrots, but is emphatic about not wanting mashed potatoes.

“I really, really don’t like mashed potatoes,” he insists.

As his parents, I can assure you he is not divulging new information, but rather information he deems highly important. We’ve learned the hard way a number of times about his disdain for mashed potatoes. Now, Thanksgiving comes with a tinge of anxiety about being fed a food he doesn’t like. More food for dad.

We began the process of telling him about the holiday at the beginning of the week, and now it is his sole focus. Yesterday morning he was upset with his mother when she informed him he could not “have Thanksgiving” for breakfast. He wanted carrots and Chex mix. He’s still pretty iffy about the idea of turkey, but is greatly looking forward to the stuffing.

I am really excited to hear Jamie’s recipe for cooking a turkey some day, but so far he just says “I don’t know,” when asked. I am sure there will be some interesting answers (that will ensure he will stay away from the stove a long, long time) on that front.

It’s no surprise he is obsessing over this week’s holiday. Up until a few days ago, he’s still been asking if he can trick or treat at the neighbor’s houses. I’m convinced the world would be a better place if you could randomly trick or treat from any given neighbor on any given day of the year. I like Jamie’s rendition of Halloween, but unfortunately it’s not how it works.

He’ll probably want to “Have Thanksgiving” for quite a few days into December, but he’s already sensing Christmas. I recently put up a pine tree air freshener in my car and every time he gets in with me he tells me how much he loves my Christmas tree. He’ll probably join the legions who want to celebrate this holiday before we pick the next.

People celebrating birthdays around Jamie will appreciate this extended celebratory attitude that he has. His mother’s birthday extended for a few extra days. He even asked his mother a day early if she had her birthday card.

Suffice it to say I won’t be doing my Christmas shopping with Jamie in tow.


  1. Feel free to send all unwanted mashed potatoes to my son, he adores all things potato. I really dig your kids amped up holiday spirit!

  2. Ha. Thanks Joseph. I’m thinking my son’s going to be a stuffing person, like his dad.

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