The Traits I Hope My Son Never Loses

The Traits I Hope My Son Never Loses

I’ve written plenty of posts in the recent past about the frustrating aspects associated with acting like a toddler. They whine, they procrastinate, and they throw temper tantrums. Lots and lots of temper tantrums.

It is tough to imagine any adult acting like a toddler functioning in society. It simply wouldn’t be possible. It’s tough to see the positives in the way they’re acting when they’re running into furniture or melting down in the grocery store – but if you look hard enough, you might.

Five Positive Attributes of Acting Like a Toddler:

They are tenacious. Toddlers find something they want. Then they continue to ask for it over and over and over again. They hear the word “no” and they ask again. Then they repeat this formula x50. If adults approached their careers with half of that tenacity, they’d be far more successful. Heck, if I repeated this formula, I might be published in more places. You rarely get anything in this world you don’t ask for. Your toddler can serve as case in point.

They play hard. Sure, adults love to say that they play hard. But our minds are scatterbrained, and obsessing over the rest of the week. When a toddler plays, there is nothing else in the world but them, and the toy. They are so easily caught up in the moment. I wish I felt about anything the way my 2-year-old feels about his favorite toy.

They love unconditionally. Parents talk a lot about unconditional love for their kids. I think there are just as many lessons in the way that toddlers reciprocate. Sure the tantrums are violent, but after four time outs and three screaming fits, they may turn to you and smile through the tears to say “Love you daddy.” It’s pretty hard to stay angry or frustrated through that.

They appreciate the little things. Just the other day I received my copy of Dads Behaving Dadly II (I’m an author!!) in the mail. I opened it with Meg, who was extremely supportive, and Jamie, who wanted badly to play with the bubble wrap. He’s also getting harder and harder to take walks with because he wants to stop and count blades of grass. This is both frustrating and admirable at the same time. Sometimes we need to stop and simply enjoy ourselves.

They’re creative. Kids are born creative, and toddlerhood is when it’s truly on display. They can invent new games, learn how to draw and create, as well as find imaginative ways to play. Somewhere along the lines it is usually slugged out of us. The ones who can keep it into adulthood are both rare and truly blessed.

What positive traits do you see in your toddlers?


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  1. Good observations here. Those are definitely traits it would be nice to carry past the toddler stage.

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