Toddler Meals: Jamie Vs. Food

Toddler Meals: Jamie Vs. Food




No, I’m not listing off the brats diet for when you are sick. I am listing off some of Jamie’s favorite foods—until they are not. He’s quit bananas before, but he came back. He loves rice, except for those occasional times when he doesn’t. Applesauce still ranks incredibly high but I’m waiting for the first refusal.

His diet also gets more complex, and the meals more daring. He’s got an affinity for spaghetti and pizza, which makes for some interesting meals. The dinner menu is often planned around the bath schedule. It just makes everything easier that way.

When Jamie gets tired he rubs his eyes. But sometimes he doesn’t check what is on his hands before raising them to his face—a high risk behavior. When he was younger he fell asleep over his exersaucer a few times, though he is yet to do that in his high chair. I am waiting for the spaghetti face plant. I just hope it happens on a bath night.

It’s also interesting when he doesn’t like something. For some reason, he has been slow to take with chicken and green peppers, something we use a lot of in our cooking. He’ll pull remnants of “hidden” food off his fork with his fingers, often tossing it overboard—a behavior we are trying to curb.

Despite all that, our son has a healthy appetite. When I watch my son eat I know that we will never need a DNA test—he’s Brennan through and through. The way he wears his spaghetti. The way he devours his bread. The way he gets distracted and sometimes sticks his fork in his hair. He’s mine. Toddler meals really do hold entertainment value.

He still uses some interesting techniques to tell you how much he loves the food. He hums loudly while he eats. In a not entirely unrelated development, his grandparents also taught him the word “please” very early (thank you!).

Jamie used to only have one way to tell you he was hungry, but that is quickly expanding as well. He used to cry a cry so loud that everyone in the neighborhood could feed him. Evolution wanted him prepared for the idea that mom and dad might be busy.

But now he can walk to his high chair and say “This? This?” Or maybe he’ll try hanging on the fridge door again. Now he’ll ask for whatever is on his mind, usually bull shish (Goldfish), crackers, or cookies.

Meg’s story is still one of my favorites. She went to drop him off at daycare one morning, and he was having a difficult time with her leaving. Our daycare provider asked him if he wanted breakfast. In between the tears he said “OK” and grabbed her hand and they walked off into the kitchen.

Food and Jamie have a messy relationship, but it really is the way to my kid’s heart.


  1. Great post. Not going to lie the rubbing your eye whilst still holding food is something I do

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